Finishing Touches for Every Beauty Routine

Finishing Touches for Every Beauty Routine

Whether you realize it or not, every personal grooming routine you go through should have one or more finishing touches before it is truly complete.  For instance, an outfit is incomplete until you add your accessories, and you hair isn’t truly coiffed until every last strand is in its place.  The same rule applies to your beauty routine.  There are a few finishing touches to your makeup that will make the end result perfection!

1.  Comb and set your eyebrows!  The eyebrows are probably the most neglected part of your beauty routine, and yet they are one of the most important.  The brows are like the frame to your eyes!  If the frame is neglected, the picture can’t possibly look its best.

2.  Highlight the inner corner of your eyes!  Adding a touch of sheen and sparkle to the inner corners of your eyes will make you look awake…even if you don’t feel like you are!  Here is a tip though – if you have wide-set eyes, opt for a color that isn’t highly metallic, otherwise you run the risk of making your eyes look even farther apart.

3.  Gloss those lips!  Before walking out of the door, always add lip gloss!  Gloss calls attention to your lips…and in a good way.

You don’t want to walk out of your house incomplete do you?  🙂



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