Pet First-Aid Kit

I recently took a Pet CPR/First Aid class at my local American Red Cross and it inspired this post.

Pet First-Aid Kit

Unfortunately, accidents can happen with little or no warning; so being prepared with a first–aid kit designed specifically for your pet is vital.

Grab a plastic box, a Ziploc bag, a basket, or anything else that could serve as a first-aid kit and begin assembling yours today.  Your kit should contain the following items:

1.  Any prescribed medications that your pet needs on a daily basis

2.  Scissors

3.  Wound cleaning pads

4.  Cotton swabs

5.  Antibiotic ointment

6.  Alcohol wipes

7.  Hydrogen peroxide

*Note:  Hydrogen peroxide can be used to induce vomiting in the case of a dog ingesting chocolate, for instance, but always check with your doctor before using it as such.

8.  Gauze pads

9.  Stretchy wrap

10. Rubber gloves

11.  Small flashlight – in case of a power outage or if you need to look more closely at a wound or down a throat

12.  Tweezers

13.  Eye rinse

14.  Rectal thermometer

15.  Styptic to stop bleeding

16. Blanket for either transporting or protecting from shock or cold temperatures

Although the above list can take care of most emergencies, not all pets can be treated in the same way. Some are long-haired, some are short-haired, and some have no hair, for instance.  Below are a few exceptions that may pertain to your pet:

  1. Sun Block – Believe it or not, pets can sunburn just like you!  They are also susceptible to skin cancer.  It is always a good idea to apply sunscreen to your pet’s nose, ears, and belly if you expect long- term sun exposure.  If your pet happens to be white, he or she is even more susceptible to sunburn and/or skin cancer, so apply sunscreen to body parts not covered by hair.
  2. Life  Jacket – Unfortunately, not all dogs and cats can swim.  If you are on or near the water with your pet, always have a specially- designed life jacket for him or her.
  3. Foot pads or covers – If you live in a snowy/icy climate, you may want to consider foot pads and/or covers for your pet’s feet.  The bottom of their feet can be just as      sensitive as ours, so consider that when you take Fido for a walk in the snow.  Salt preparations designed to melt snow can be especially destructive to their feet as well.
  4. Heating pad – I think all first-aid kits should contain a heating pad.  They are essential not only for arthritic pets, but also for baby animals. In fact, they are almost always a necessity when nursing an injured or abandoned baby animal back to health.

Our pets are a part of the family.  We should make sure they are well- protected in the case of an emergency.

Below are a few pictures of SOME (lol) of my pets.  🙂

This is Prada!! My little Hurricane Katrina rescue!

Burnie aka Burnie Bob. I rescued Burnie after some butthole set him on fire.

This is Cotton Candy when she was a baby! I rescued her when her entire family was killed when the cotton gin they were living in was started.

Freddy aka Freddy Kreuger! Freddy was rescued from the middle of the road and had to be bottle fed. Of course, now he likes my husband more than he likes me now. So ungrateful!

There is a little peek at my menagerie!  🙂



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