Organizing Your Purse!

Organizing Your Purse

 How many of you spend an inordinate amount of time digging in your purse for your keys or your wallet for that coupon?  A woman keeps everything she needs for daily survival in her purse – lip gloss, fingernail file, lotion, credit card, etc.  So, why is the purse one of the most disorganized parts of our daily life?  I know, I know!  How can you organize a bottomless pit?  Check out my tips below:

1.  Take inventory first.  Dump out your purse and categorize the items that you want to keep.  Get rid of any items you no longer want or need in your purse.

2.  Do you have the right size purse?  Look at the items you are keeping in your purse and decide if there is enough room.  You may need a larger purse!

3.  Use a bag inside of a bag.  Find a small  bag for your beauty items and one for your pencils and small notebooks, for instance.

4.  Utilize your compartments correctly.  Most bags come with cell phone pockets and other compartments that are perfect for keys and sunglasses.

5.  Get the perfect wallet.  Make sure it holds everything you need – from your credit cards to your checkbook.

6.  Keep it up!  If you don’t change your purse all that often you should at least clean out your current purse weekly.  Throw out any trash or other unneeded items that have accumulated during the week.

Now the next time someone asks you for a pen, I bet you’ll know EXACTLY where one is!

Good luck and thanks for reading!



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