Your Pet – It’s Just a Color!

It’s Just a Color

In shelters across the country, black dogs as well as black cats are reported to be the least likely to get adopted.  Therefore, they are the most likely to be euthanized more often than any other color of dog or cat.  This phenomenon is so common that it even has a name – “Black Dog Syndrome.”

So why are black dogs and cats the least likely to get adopted?  It’s just a color!

According to Modern Dog Magazine, there may be four reasons:

  1.  Superstition – Black dogs and cats often get a bad rap because of harmful superstitions derived from folklore.  In these stories, black dogs are often the evil beasts that tear a man limb from limb, while black cats are often evil and have mystical powers.
  2. Negativity – The color black is often linked to depression.  There is even a medical term called “The Black Dog” that is used to describe depression.
  3. Fear – Hollywood often depicts a hero in white and the villain in black – Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, for instance – and this makes potential adopters question if the color of a pet could somehow affect its temperament.  This assumption is completely false, by the way.
  4. Too Ordinary –  Black dogs are often overlooked because they don’t stand out enough, especially in pictures.

All in all, one should note that a pet’s coat color has absolutely no bearing on its temperament and personality.  Black pets are just as playful and loving as dogs of other colors.

When adopting your next dog or cat, please consider “Black Dog Syndrome” and take a second look at that black beauty who would not get the second chance he deserves otherwise.







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