Giveaway Winner and Answers

Congratulations, MARLENE!!!  You are the winner of the FREE hour of outfit coordination!!!  I’ll email you to make an appointment!  Yay!!

Marlene and Kristin were the only ones to get all of the answers correct!  Way to go you guys!!!  Thank you ALL for participating, though!  I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you come back often.

Now, here are the answers to my questions!

1.  C – The best way to store a knit sweater is folded.  Otherwise, you could cause your sweater to “grow” and/or to develop “bumps” in the fabric.

2.  A – Diane Von Furstenberg was the designer of the wrap dress.

3.  B – The bottom button of a man’s suit jacket is never buttoned.

4.  C – The 3/4 sleeve is the best sleeve for all body types

5.  A – Nude can be worn with everything!!

AGAIN, thank you all for participating!  Love you all!


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