Organizing The Most Important Documents

Organizing The Most Important Documents

Did you know that you should own a fire-resistant safe or filing cabinet?  Before I get to them, almost all of my organizing clients do not own either, but there are some things that should most definitely be kept in an extremely safe place.  My list of important documents is below:

1.  Marriage, Birth, and/or Death Certificates

2.  Settlement and/or Divorce Papers

3.  Adoption, Custody, and/or Citizenship Papers

4.  Trust Papers, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney

5.  Property Deeds

6.  Motor Vehicle Titles

7.  Stock and Bond Certificates

8.  US Savings Bonds

9.  All Contracts, Promissory Notes, or Legally-Binding Agreements

10.  Military Papers

11.  Patents and Copyrights

12.  Social Security Card(s)

13.  Jewerly Appraisal Statements

14. A Home Inventory List – This list should include pictures and receipts of valuable items, such as furniture, art, and jewelry.

It is better to be safe than sorry in case of a flood or fire, so please start getting prepared now.  🙂



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