Wine Etiquette

Wine Etiquette

Ah yes!  My mouth is watering already!  I love wine, especially Chardonnay and Cabernet, although if the only choices are the Pinots, I won’t turn them down!  LOL!

But anyway, on with my post…I got sidetracked.

Have you been out to dinner and ordered a bottle of wine only to be confused by the what to do when the bottle actually gets to your table?  Let me help!

First things first – If you have an idea of what you will be ordering (fish or red meat), and you like to order a wine that works well with your dish I suggest white wine with fish and red wine with red meat.  However, that is a fairly dated rule and you can and should simply go with what you prefer at the time.  For instance, I prefer white wines in the spring and summer and red wines in the fall and winter.

After you place your wine order, the server should return with an unopened bottle of the wine you ordered.  He will then show it to you.  Nod if the bottle is indeed the wine you ordered.  If it is not, tell the server immediately.  If the server knows that it is not the correct wine, he should tell you immediately, before you notice, as to why.  He should then suggest a comparable wine.

Your server then uncorks the wine at the table and pours a small amount into the glass of the person who ordered.  You should briefly swirl the wine (to release the aroma), take a slight breath of the fragrance, and then sip.  If the wine tastes good, simply nod that it is ok.  Your server will then pour everyone else their wine before finishing with you.

If the server hands you the cork, simply set it on the table.  No sniffing or squeezing necessary.

From this point on, if the server does not return to refill glasses, the orderer should fulfill the task.  Tip – Wine should be filled to the widest point of the glass.  No more and no less.  🙂

Well, I think I’m off to have a glass of wine!  How about you?




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