Adding Height

I don’t know about you, but I like to look and feel taller than I actually am.  At 5’4″, I wear heels everyday and wear my clothing and accessories in just the right way to add the illusion of height to my figure.  For those of you who would like to do the same, I will share my tricks with you.  🙂

1.  GUESS? Top, Short Sleeve Vanessa Printed Crochet Cutout A v-neck will always add a few inches to your figure.

2.    As horizontal stripes as width, vertical stripes add length!  This dress is PERFECT for me!  I need to buy it!  The horizontal stripes on the bust will make my chest look bigger and the vertical stripes in the bottom of the dress will make me look taller!  Hmmm…

3.  Pants or jeans that almost graze the floor add length, too!

4.    Matching the color of your pants/jeans to your shoes fools the eye into seeing skyscraper legs!

5.    Nude heels on bare legs will do it, too!!

6.    Long necklaces, especially in a “v” or “y” design, add length by drawing the eye up AND down!

I’m so happy to have figured these tips out for myself, as well as, for my clients and YOU!



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