Organizing Can be Fun!

Organizing Can Be Fun!

I know that the organizing process can somtimes seem huge and daunting, but you can actually make it a lot of fun with a little thought.  Incorporate a few of my tips below and you’ll be organized, pain-free, in no time!

1.  Make it as inexpensive as possible!  Visit your local dollar store for baskets, bins, and cleaning supplies.  Remember to think outside of the box, too.  Bowls and other kitchen supplies can work in a closet or under a sink, too!

2. Build a tool kit! While at the dollar store, grab a shower caddy or cleaning caddy and make yourself a little organizing kit.  It should have cleaning solutions, towels, pens, pencils, labels, label maker, paper, etc.  Be sure to get a fun color!

3.  Enlist some help!  Somehow things are much more fun when someone is doing them with you!  Ask your significant other to help, your mom, or your children.  Make a day of it!

4. Crank up the tunes!  Time flies when you can sing along to some upbeat tunes!

5.  Schedule short “fun” breaks.  The “fun” part of the break can be anything from taking a short walk, to having a glass of wine, to checking your facebook page!  Just make sure the breaks are no longer than 15 minutes or you may get derailed altogether.

6.  Reward yourself when it’s all completed!!  Mmm…that big red velvet cupcake would be perfect!

7.  Make sure it lasts!  Nothing is more discouraging than to spend all that time getting organized and then letting it become unruly again.  Take those few extra seconds to put an item up where it belongs.

Believe me, you will be SO happy and much less stressed once your space(s) are organized.  If you would rather spend your time doing something else, it’s ok to hire someone!  Check your local phone book or ask around about a knowledgable professional organizer.  🙂



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