Luv and I Do...

As I previously mentioned here,  Josie and her pussycats of the Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella need your help.  Josie and her team are attempting to rescue, treat and find homes for the cats and kittens of a Brooklyn cat hoarder.  Some of these poor animals have been locked in cages for over a year.  It is just heart breaking.  Week by week they are rescuing more kitties, taking them to the vet to be tested and treated and looking for homes for these lovable (and in need of love) animals.

To read my previous blog about this rescue attempt please click here.

Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella has teamed up with PETCO (2601 Stillwell Avenue (86th street) location in Brooklyn, NY).

I took a trip out to the Petco last night to speak to Josie and see how the cats are doing.  The rescued cats are doing amazing!!  Some have needed surgeries for…

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