Shopping Etiquette

Yes, there are rules that you should abide by while shopping!  Whether you are at the mall or WalMart, everyone deserves respect and to have a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Shopping Etiquette

Do’s =

1.  Follow the express lane rules, please.  If you don’t have “20 items or less,” please move to another lane.

2.  Let those who are in front of you go first when another checkout line opens.  This is the rule I see most often broken.  It is usually the last person in line who rushes to the other line.  So rude.

3.  Return an item to its rightful place if you decide you don’t want it just before checking out.  I know it’s a pain in the butt!  If you seriously don’t have time to take the item back to it’s spot, at least give it to the cashier to return instead of shoving it in amongst the gum!

4.  Treat the cashier and those around you respectfully.  Saying “please” and “thank you” would probably make their day much better.

Dont’s =

1.  Don’t leave your buggy in the parking lot where it can hit other cars.

2.  Don’t keep everyone in the checkout line waiting because you forgot something.

3.  Don’t touch another shopper’s items.

4.  Never push and shove to get where you are going.

5.  Don’t block an aisle with your buggy.

6.  Don’t leave items in the dressing room.  Give them to the person helping you.

There are probably many, many more rules that I have left off of this list.  If you think of something before I do, please leave it in the comments!



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