Trend to Try – Pink and Red

red and pink outfits- runway, celeb way, real way

Trend to Try – Pink and Red

Have you noticed your favorite celebrity wearing this trend yet?  If not, it’s probably just a matter of time.  The trend has already popped up on the runway, the red carpet, and in the real world!

I even tried the trend – last year!

Red and pink are often considered to be clashing colors, but they are actually analagous, which means they are side by side on the color wheel, and they look really great together!  Check out some of my fave red and pink combos below:

Red and pink on a style blogger

Again from a style blogger


Zoe Saldana – not a fan of the shoes, though.  😦

I even love the idea of wearing a red lip with a light wash of pink eyeshadow.

So what do you think of the red and pink trend?  Will you be trying it?



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