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Hey, I need your help.  I bought this really cute dress to wear one night on my cruise and I have no idea what color to put with it.  The colors are mingled….pink, orange, royal blue, green, black.  Looks like someone poured colored paint out and swirled it up.  If I send you a pic can you tell me what color?

Rampage One Shoulder Dress

What a cute dress!  Thanks for asking this question!

The band on the bottom of this dress makes it a touch more casual so I recommend wearing a cute, high wedge with it!  If you would like to be super fashion-forward, I suggest choosing a color, like turquoise, that’s not in the dress already and matching your shoes and accessories to it!  Look for bold pieces of jewelry like the necklace below.  You should try to match the turquoise color of the necklace you choose to the shoes.  They will be your stand out pieces so keep everything else simple and to a minimum.Rampage One Shoulder Dress

If you are a little hesitant to try the fashion-forward choice, you can always choose a color that is in the dress and match your accessories to it.  Of course, black is always a choice, too!  If you choose black or some other subdued color, why not amp up your lips with a bright tangerine or pink lipstick?!

Hope this helps!!  Thanks again for the question!

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