Etiquette at the Movies

Etiquette at the Movies

I remember a time when my husband and I went to the movies hoping to enjoy our date night but some of the teenagers that were there had other plans for us.  This movie night was really the first time I noticed how utterly selfish most people, adults included, so I thought it may be a good time to refresh your movie-going manners.  🙂

1.  Dress appropriately.  Even though going to the movies is a casual event you should still dress appropriately.  Refrain from wearing anything too revealing or short! 

2.  When entering a row of seats to find your place, please ALWAYS say “excuse me” and “thank you” to those you have to cross over.

3.  Keep talking to a minimum!  Especially after the movie starts!

4.  Turn off your cell phones.  Or at least silence the ringers and leave it in your purse or pocket. 

5.  Never throw popcorn or candy.  Even if you are aiming at your classmates or friends. 

6.  Open all of your packaging before the movie begins so you will not disturb others. 

7.  If you need to blow your nose or release other bodily functions, please, please excuse yourself to the bathroom. 

8.  When the movie ends wait your turn.  You don’t have to jump over seats or push and shove to get out the door. 

9.  Finally, hold the theater doors for those people who are following behind you. 

So, please share.  Have you had any of the above happen to you while attending a movie?  I have had ALL of the above happen in that ONE PG-13 movie we went to a while back!



6 thoughts on “Etiquette at the Movies

  1. More than the generally poor quality of the films, more than the exorbitant cost of seeing bad films, more than the terrible quality of the projected films (Is it just me or does the new digital projection emphasize the graininess in the movie?) is the terrible behavior at the theater that prevents one from wanting to attend a film in public. Today’s audiences seem to think they’re at the Roman Coliseum seeing live gladiatorial events and not a movie. Anyway, I’ll add to your list the annoying habit of “people” kicking the back of your chair as if everyone behind you either suffers from Restless Leg Syndrome or is practicing their high kicks for an audition with the Radio City Rockettes. What ever happened to the movie theater usher who would patrol the aisles during the film and make certain everyone was behaving themselves? The only time you ever see them is practicing vagrancy out at the concession stand trying to make points with the girls behind the counter..

  2. I have had most of that happen also. I would like to add one though, my mother and I are both short and it is frustrating when a taller person sits in front of us, especially if the theater is fairly empty where there are more seating choices. It is also sad to see an adult sit down in front of a small child. So please, check and see who you are sitting down in front of…

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