Things Every Woman Should Toss

Ok, ladies.  I have been asked this question hundreds of times so now I am really spilling it!  Some of you already know that a few of the items on the list below are my fashion pet peeves, but the others should be common knowledge.

1.    Crocs!  I know and understand that many of you find these horrible looking shoes to be comfortable and necessary for such events as gardening and working as a nurse, etc., but come on!  These shoes do not look cute on anyone over the age of 5.  If comfort is your excuse, please consider tennis shoes or the comparable slip-on shoe.

2.    Gauchos.  Gauchos are VERY hard to wear and therefore don’t really look good anyone!  They completely throw of your silhouette in favor of one that is not flattering.

3.    Any item that is 20 years old or older!   I promise that if a trend returns, as the 80’s have, it will be reinvented and so the clothing you held on to is now

4.    Old and Clunky Shoes.  The heel on these shoes is WAY to clunky and, therefore, will only make your legs look short and clunky, too.  Who wants that?  Not me!

5.    Old Jelly Shoes!  I wore these in the early 80’s when I was 10 and that’s where I’ve left them!  You should do the same.  🙂

6.  Overalls.  Seriously?

7.    The Matchy Tracksuit.  Why do they even make these anymore?  Do you know?

If you have any of the above items in your closet right now…go, do not stop, and remove them immediately!




3 thoughts on “Things Every Woman Should Toss

  1. I’m laughing!!! Ryan needs to read this…..and the 20+ years thing. LOL!
    As for the crocs…I don’t wear them in public…I wear them in the yard, mostly when I’m watering, or giving Chloe a bath or washing cars. And, I do tend to wear old sneakers more so when outside.

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