Inventive Ways to Organize Towels

Stacking towels in a cabinet or hanging them on a towel rod can become boring and ho-hum, especially in a smaller sized bathroom, so I thought I would give you a few tips on how to store/display towels in a way that saves space, looks great, and is more fun!

  Set a wine rack on your countertop and roll your hand towels and wash cloths for instant access and a spa-like feel.

  Hang a towel rack on the wall next to the shower and/or tub.  It serves as a decorative addition to your bathroom!

  Roll you towels and place them in a large wicker basket!  This is definitely spa-like and it makes me want to take a bath right now!

  This is super cool for a beach or ski home!  Love the rustic feel of the ladder!

  Attach a basket or wooden box to the wall!  So cool!

Right now my towels are stacked in a cabinet, but I just inspired myself to try one of these storage tricks instead!  Oh the cabinet space I could free up!

How do you store your towels?



One thought on “Inventive Ways to Organize Towels

  1. I love all the ideas we find on Pinterest now! I’ve always had my guest towels rolled and in a wicker basket! Now, if I could do something decorative with my master bath towels! I love the wine rack on the wall idea but I don’t have a place to do that now!

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