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Hey Erin! I have an organizing question. My jewerly is a mess. It’s in various and sundry containers, bags, etc. with no organization. I’d wear it alot more if it were accessible and not tangled! What tips/advice do you have for keeping jewelry organized? I have mostly necklaces and fewer bracelets, just because of the work I do. I’m also working with relatively limited space in our master bedroom/bathroom, so space efficiency is an important factor.

Thanks so much for the question!  I always appreciate them!  🙂

I definitely have some suggestions for organizing your jewelry.  Check them out below!

1.  Treat your jewelry as pieces of art to display!  You can set the displays out on your bathroom counter, as well as, in your bedroom.

Utilize an old picture frame by removing the glass and painting the frame in whatever color you decide. Then staple fishing line or another thin wire to the back. It’s perfect for hanging earrings, as pictured above!

You can do the same thing with necklaces! Just use S hooks to hang over the backboard.

Another of my favorites is to use busts like the ones you typically see in boutiques! They are fairly inexpensive and will bring a boutique-like feel to your space.

2.  Utilize the back of doors!  It can be the back (inside) of the door to your room, your bathroom, or your closet!

These ornamental hangers are pretty and functional!

This picture has food products in it, but you could use it for jewelry, too! Just make sure to get the one with the clear pockets so you can see the jewelry!

3.  Utilize your drawers with specially designed jewelry holders.

These can be purchase from Target and fit almost any sized drawer!  Don’t forget that if your drawers are deep enough you may be able to stack these organizers!!

4.  Hang your jewelry in your closet!

This hanging organizer is double-sided and can be purchased at any local Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or even Walmart!

5.  Hang your jewelry on your walls!

DIY jewelry organizers
You can buy something, but why do that when you can make your own!! Simply utilize old frames by replacing the glass with cork board! Use some pretty push pins and voila! Love!

DIY Jewelry Organizers
Same goes here! Pick up some inexpensive cabinet knobs and pulls and let your creativity flow!

6.  Think outside of the box!  There are so many clever ways to organize your jewelry!  Check them out!

DIY Jewelry Organizers

jewelry organizers #marthastewart

muffin tin jewelry organizers

organizing jewelry

ice cube trays for organizing jewelry

Organizing Jewelry - so you can find it and retrieve it easily! #Organizing #Jewelry

Perfect for organizing your jewelry when traveling.

When you think outside the box a bit, there’s no shortage of things you can do!!

Organizing jewelry is one of my favorite things, so I am so happy you asked me this question!  I truly hope one of these ways will work with you, your space, and your lifestyle.

*If you have a question for me, you can send it to my email address –  I will keep your identity secret. 






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One thought on “Ask Erin

  1. Love this post, Erin. It just so happens I have a huge box full of picture frames sitting in my garage. We used to have tons of photos all around the house, but I’m simplifying and now have all these frames. I plan to pull out the best frames and make jewelry organizers out of them. In addition to your ideas, I’ve also seen screening used. You can hang your pierced earrings in the little holes in the screen.

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