Ask Erin

Besides black, what colors are appropriate to wear to a funeral? 

Funerals are always sad and often come with a lot of confusion – What do I say?  What do I do?  What do I wear?

Although, black is the usual choice for a funeral, since it’s often worn by those in mourning, it’s not the only choice.  It’s ok to wear other neutral colors such as brown, navy, and gray, as well as, a little color.  I just advise that you stay away from any color that is bright and usually considered a “cheery” color.  In other words, stay away from colors like red, orange, and hot pink.  I also suggest choosing a more conservative outfit than you may normally choose.

Below are a few pictures of outfits that I think are perfectly appropriate for a funeral, yet still stylish.

Even though this dress is printed it is ok to wear to a funeral or wake.  It is conservative and doesn’t contain any color(s) that is too bright and cheerful.

A black cardigan immediately makes this dress appropriate.

The touch of color peeking out from the sweater is perfect and not too bright!

Super cute, yet still appropriate!

Adorable! Navy is even more demure than black!

Appropriate and yet not a stitch of black in sight!

Now, here are a few pics of things NOT to wear to a funeral.

For obvious reasons…

Super cute but a sequin miniskirt isn’t appropriate.

You could probably get away with this, but I just wouldn’t do it. The red is just too bright, in my opinion.

Shorts are definitely not appropriate.

Never show skin!

I am so sorry for your loss and hope that this answer helps you to make it through the funeral with less stress.



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