Ask Erin

“Can larger women wear wide leg pants?  What about “babydoll” tops?”

Great question!  You can absolutely wear both!  Let me show you how with a few pictures.  I’ll explain as I go.

This model is sporting the wide leg pant perfectly!  Notice how the wide leg doesn’t make her look “wider” at all!  There are a few reasons why – 1.  The length of the pants.  The perfect length is NO shorter than 1″ from the floor.  I prefer, and think it looks much better, to have you pants barely grazing the floor.  It adds length to the legs, which makes them appear thinner!  2.  The wide leg skims over curves instead of clinging to them, therefore creating the illusion of an hourglass figure.

I bet you were thinking that I was going to say that you should only wear black wide leg pants!  Nope!  As long as the pant falls straight down from the hip, the same illusion is formed.  Also, notice how the pants graze the floor!!  LOVE!

Now let’s move on to the babydoll top!

The trick is to find the right fit and the right fabric so you may have to try and try again until you find the right ones.  Once you do, it will be easier to tell at a glance what will most likely work and what will not.  Notice that the top above isn’t too tight nor too loose.  It doesn’t cling to anything!  Also, notice the sleeves.  You want to make sure they aren’t too tight either!  They also need to hit at a small part of your arm, not a large part!  The one in the picture ends right at the bottom of her deltoid (?) which naturally makes an indention in the arm.

You can even wear a print!!!  AND you can wear your babydoll with your wide leg pants.  🙂

Hope this helps!

If you have a question for me, please leave it in the comments or send me  a personal message –

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