Glam Up Your New Year!

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to try something new and sort of “glam” things up a bit!  Below are my favorite ways to add a little “panache” to your New Year.

1.    Try a little sparkle on your eyes!  If you are a little leery of going full-blast sparkle, try just an eyeliner or sprinkle a little glitter on your lashes.  Sparkle instantly brightens your face and adds a touch style.

2.    Give your dress that extra panache by wearing a striking and oh so fine pair of shoes with that awesome New Year’s Eve outfit I know you already have picked out!

3.    Go with a purple lipstick instead of the typical red!!  I promise that there is a purple shade that looks good on all skin tones!  So hightail it to your closest CVS and get to trying!  I like to try lipstick on the inside of my wrist instead of the top of my hand.  I think the skin on my wrist is a much closer match to the skin tone of my face.

4.  Finally, keep the rest of your makeup and accessories simple.  If you follow my advice and try the sparkly eyes, the awesome shoes, and the purple lips, that will be ALL you need to stand out from everyone else.

Say a toast for me on New Year’s Eve!  I’ll toast to you guys, too!



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