The Panache Vegetarian

I’m so sorry to repeat myself for those of you who are my friends and who know me well, but I want to start a bit of a new post, so it needs a bit of an introduction –

I have been a complete animal lover for my entire life.  I truly feel that they have personalities, feelings, sorrows, joys, loves…just as we as humans do and they deserve to live a life that is treated with respect, love, and dignity.  With that said, I decided about 8 years ago after a chance encounter with a cow, that I would no longer eat meat.  I started slowly by just cutting out red meat, but slowly removed chicken, turkey, and most recently fish from my diet.  My philosoply is that if it has a heartbeat and bleeds blood, I will not eat it.

Being vegetarian in the South, well in North Louisiana, is extremely rare and hard, so I thought it may be interesting for some people to read about my life as a vegetarian.  What do I eat?  What do I cook?  Is my husband a vegetarian, too?  Etc.  I will answer all of these questions for you and show you that vegetarianism can be easy, healthy, and fulfilling in Monroe, Louisiana.

Please follow me and let me introduce you to The Panache Vegetarian…

Tonight I had a meeting/Christmas get-together with the stylists at my salon. We went to a Greek/Lebanese restaurant called Athena. I have eaten at Athena many times and enjoy it more and more with each visit. I always get the same dish, “The Vegetarian Plate”, every time I go because it gives me a taste of pretty much everything they have on the menu that is vegetarian.

The Vegetarian Plate includes a greek salad, hummus, vegetarian moussaka, grape leaves, and spinach pies. Not to mention the grecian dip. It goes great with the grape leaves and the spinach pies! YUM!

Now you didn’t REALLY think I would leave out the wine, did you?

Oh, by the way, all three of us got the vegetarian plate at Athena tonight and I’M the only “vegetarian”!!!!


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