Organizing the “Not so Fun” Stuff

The words “not so fun” means BILLS to me!  Ugh!!!  One of the bills that has recently crossed my desk that really irks me is the yearly property tax bill!  I really don’t understand property taxes.  I mean, I understand paying tax when you purchase property, but I don’t understand having to pay it yearly.  Anyway, property tax isn’t the subject of this post, it just got me on a roll!  LOL!

pay my bills

Organizing Your Bills

1.  First things first!  Choose ONE spot to corral your bills immediately upon they enter your home.  I keep a box for my husband and a box for myself right in front of the door we enter in every day.  Immediately upon entering the house, after checking the mail, of course, I disperse the bills into their prospective boxes.  (My husband gets all the really big bills! lol!)  Every Friday our boxes are emptied and bills paid.

2.  Keep bill paying accessories handy.  For instance, keep envelopes, stamps, etc. all close by so there is no reason to put off completing the entire bill paying process.  *Note:  You may want to look into online bill paying for some bills.

3.  Always designate one day a week to be “bill paying” day.  Fridays seen to work best.

4.  Payment doesn’t mean the bill paying process is complete.  You must now file the bill (receipt) that you just paid.  Make sure you set up a filing system at the beginning of each year.  When time to pay taxes arrives you will be SO happy you did!

In the end, getting and staying organized can make any unpleasant process a little more pleasant.  🙂

Oh happy day!

Now I can pay that darn property tax and MOVE ON!



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