Organizing with a Lazy Susan

As a professional organizer, I have grown to realize that a lazy susan is one of the most versatile organizing products available!  I’ve used them in EVERY room!!

DIY Lazy Susan for Organizing Cabinets or CounterTop Use...  They are great on a bathroom counter!   I’ve purchased the wooden ones and spray painted then to match a client’s (or my) decor!

medicine lazy susan  A lazy susan is also great in a medicine cabinet!

lazy susan for shoes  I haven’t actually done this yet, but as soon as I can find someone to manufacturer one (hmmm…I’m sensing this could be a good job for my husband) I’m definitely doing it for me AND for my clients!

Lazy Susan  Use a lazy susan as a display/serving piece!  Perfect for cheese and crackers or other small appetizers!

Lazy Susan in the Fridge  They are great in refrigerators, too!  Don’t forget that most refrigerators have adjustable shelves!!

Lazy Susan.  Use one for arts and crafts!!

Have you used a lazy susan in an unusual or unexpected place?  Please share!!  🙂



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