My Favorite Problem Solvers

As a fashion consultant and stylist, I constantly run into little problems that I need to solve in an instant so I created a little fashion emergency kit that I carry with me when I visit clients.  Today you get to take a sneak peek into my kit!  Below are a few of my favorite problem solvers!

Hollywood Hip Huggers – These clever little creations make any gap in your pants or jeans disappear!  Love them! 

Hem Gems – These little “brads” are great for hemming jeans that are a tad too long for the shoes you’d like to wear them with! 

Oil Blotting Sheets – Any kind or brand will work!  And they are great even if you don’t have oily skin!  The flash of a camera always tends to make you look more oily than you actually are. 

The Boot Band – Do you have large calves and love knee-high boots, but can never find any that are wide enough for you??  Then this band is for you!  It comes in several different colors and patterns (like the animal print shown in the picture above) and is extremely easy to “install”!  I want to wear them just for the fun prints!

Hollywood Fashion Tape – I use this stuff at almost every one of my appointments!  Whether it’s just to make an outfit look perfect for pictures or to hold a bride’s dress in place.  Love it!

Boot Straps – How aggravating is it to try to tuck your jeans into your boots only to have them work their way out or bunch up and cause extreme pain??!!  Very aggravating!  Until this clever invention! 

Now why didn’t I come up with some of these!!! 



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