Organizing With Pinterest

If you don’t “pinterest” or if you’ve never heard of pinterest then click here.  I promise you’ll fall in love.  (THANKS AMANDA!  LOL)

The great thing about Pinterest is that it is FULL of great ideas and inspiration.  From outfits, to recipes, to housewares, to do-it-yourself, to organizing ideas and beyond!  So, as a professional organizer, I’ve found the most inspiration from the organizing ideas that I’ve found on Pinterest and I thought I would share a few of them with you. 

Here are my favorite organizing ideas so far:

The inside of your cabinet doors is always wasted space, so why not utilize them, and save a little space in your drawers, by creating an organized space for your measuring spoons and cups!

Whoever thought of this is a genius!!  OMG!  Love it!  These plates are organized in a drawer by lining it with peg board and using wooden peg board sticks to create the perfect area for each sized plate.  I will definitely be using this idea!!

What a clever and beautiful way to create an organized space for your jewelry! 

Why don’t I think of things like this??  Love this!  And, if you don’t like the color white, you can spray paint the PVC pipe any color you’d like!  I’m not 100% how the pipe is attached but I think some heavy-duty velcro will do just fine!

Again…why didn’t I think of this??  These tray/cookie sheet slots are made with small tension rods!  LOVE!

I could seriously go on and on with this post, so I better stop now!

So do you Pinterest? 



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