Multitasking – Good Idea or Bad Idea?

In this day and time there is ALWAYS so much to do.  Cooking, washing clothes, folding clothes, tending to children, tending to pets, brushing the cat, working, working out, making the grocery list, returning phone calls, etc.  No wonder multitasking comes so naturally!  I mean how else are we supposed to get things done?  Unfortunately, multitasking isn’t the way, especially with any task that requires brain power. 

Sure, you can fold clothes and talk on the phone at the same time or read a book and walk on the treadmill, but since multitasking makes you less efficient at the tasks at hand make sure you know when it is a bad idea and when it may be an ok idea.  Another thing I’ve noticed while multitasking is that it usually ends up taking much longer to complete both tasks than it would if I took the time to concentrate on one at a time.  Have you found that to be true, too?

I propose a test!  Commit to absolutely no multitasking for an entire week and then see if you don’t notice a few of the following things:

1.  During lunch meetings, dinner with your family, visiting with friends, etc. turn off your cell phone and simply enjoy being with those around you.  You should notice things you normally wouldn’t have.  For instance, you may learn something new about your children or you may notice your significant other got a haircut or you may simply feel organized and on top of the world after a business meeting!

2.  When you start a task this week, see it through until the end, no matter how hard it gets.  You should feel a great sense of accomplishment afterwards. 

3.  After each task you should also notice that you feel less stressed than you normally do. 

4.  You should find that you will lose patience for things that don’t make good use of your time. 

5.  You will feel a laser-focus instead of your head being jumbled all the time.

I already feel less stress and like I’m going to accomplish many, many things this week.  What about you?  Are you on board with me?  No multitasking for a week? 



2 thoughts on “Multitasking

  1. Interesting post. I think everyone multi-tasks in today’s world! But, I admit to sometimes jumping around to several incomplete tasks bc I will start here and while I’m doing this I think of something that I keep forgetting so I jump to that and so on. It’s a vicious cycle!
    So, are you saying you are going to have your phone off on Saturday?? Ha!

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