An Organized Life

An Organized Life

Do you know what an organized life looks and feels like?  If not, let me give you a little peek inside…

An organized person:

1.  Frequently goes on a sentimental journey and says goodbye to emotional clutter.

2.  Has a workable wardrobe that matches his or her personality perfectly.

3.  Is almost never late.

4.  Never pays late fees because he or she forgot about a bill.

5.  Has a system worked out that stops clutter at the door. 

6.  Can always see the top of his or her desk.

7.  Can find any item in less than a minute.

8.  Never loses his or her keys.

9.  Always has something to wear.

10.  Never buys duplicates of items because he or she didn’t know it was already in the refrigerator, for instance.

I could actually keep going, but I bet you want an organized life now anyway, don’t you??? 



2 thoughts on “An Organized Life

  1. Wonderful post. I can agree with many of those…but not all. I need to find a system to stop clutter at the door. That’s our biggest problem. We just walk in and set whatever we have in our hands down on the breakfast table, or the bar, or the counter top, or the kitchen desk….usually all of these places 😦

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