Trend I’m Loving – Rose Gold

Rose Gold

What a breath of fresh air!  Rose gold has suddenly burst onto the fashion scene and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon, so go ahead!  By away!  Consider rose gold the staple that silver and yellow gold is in your jewelry wardrobe already.   The good news is that the warm hue of rose gold flatters all skin tones and you’ll find it in everything from bracelets, to shoes, to purses, and pretty much any other accessory you can imagine.  Below are a few of my favorite rose gold pieces. 

 Ettika rose gold bangles.  I love the inspirational quotes on these!  (By the way, these are at Panache Salon and Unique Boutique!)

Long necklace with a mixture of rose gold, hematite, and silver beads.  This necklace will go with everything! 

 Brian Atwood rose gold pumps.  OMG!  I LOVE these shoes!!!  I sure wish I could afford them…:(

So, will you try the rose gold trend for a while or forever?  I’m keeping this trend forever!



One thought on “Trend I’m Loving – Rose Gold

  1. I’ve always liked Rose Gold. remember when the three toned stuff was popular?? The white, rose and yellow gold jewelry?
    I too love those rose gold bangles by Ettika. I purchased mine from the Panache Salon and Unique boutique 🙂

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