Tips for Handling Sentimental Clutter

Tips for Handling Sentimental Clutter

Believe me, I totally understand that it is hard to let go of certain items.  I have my own struggles with sentimental pieces, but the professional organizer usually out-thinks my sentimental side.  Below are a few tips on how you can learn to control your sentimental side:

  Pictures Are Your Friend – Sometimes a picture of an item can be just as powerful as the item itself. 

  Inheriting Item(s) Doesn’t Automatically Mean You HAVE To Keep the Item(s) – This is the hardest part of my job, sometimes and I can completely empathize.  My grandmother passed away recently and I am having a hard time parting with some of her things.  Especially the puzzles that I helped her put together, her dishes and other kitchen items, and some of her furniture.  But, if I really stop to think about it…I don’t have room for 20 puzzles, two extra sets of dishes, and a whole other table and chairs.  So,  I decided to choose a few of my favorite puzzles to keep and I kept a teacup and saucer from her dish set instead of keeping the whole set.  It’s all about compromising.  Decide what you have room to display or store and plan accordingly. 

    Scan!  Thank goodness for the computer!  I’m not sure what we did before, are you?  Do you hate throwing away your child’s drawings and school work?  If so, scan it into the computer and create a special file for it.  How awesome is that?  Easy peasy!

    Repurpose Until Your Heart’s Content! If you have a drawer full of t-shirts you never wear or you have an old pair of your grandfather’s overalls that you can’t wear, turn them into something!!  The t-shirts would make an awesome quilt and the overalls can be repurposed into a reuseable bag! 

Remember that if an item is sentimental it should be treated as such.  No stuffing it into a box that isn’t archival quality, for instance.

I know it’s hard, but you will be much happier in an organized and uncluttered space. 

Good luck!



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