A Little Beauty Tip

Your Hands Are Likely to Tell Your Age

Unfortunately, it’s not just our faces that start telling our age first…it’s our hands!!  Many people, including myself for a while, don’t realize that the skin on our hands (and neck and chest, by the way) can tell our age long before our face does.  That’s because we tend to take better care of our faces than we do our hands (or necks and chest).  Hopefully, that stops here and now.  Treat your hands (and neck and chest) just as you do your face from this point on and you’ll instantly begin to look younger, or at least you’ll stall the aging process.  If you don’t do the following to your face already, you should start now!  Believe me!! 

1.  Exfoliate!  Exfoliation isn’t just for the face!  Exfoliation is also great for your entire body, especially your hands!  We use our hands more than most any other body part so they take a lot of abuse.  Keep them looking young and supple by exfoliating at least once a week.  Just use the same exfoliater you use on your face and try not to pull and tug too much.

2.  Sunblock!  Actually, I think sunblock applied to your hands and chest is more important than your face!  The skin on our hands and our chest is much thinner than that on our faces, therefore it reacts to the sun and show sunspots much more easily.  Don’t get me wrong…NEVER neglect putting sunscreen on your face either. 

3.  Age-defying Cream!  Treat your hands and chest just as you do your face!  Go ahead!  Apply that age-defying lotion or cream to your hands, too!

4.  Facials!  Now I know that this is a play on words but give your hands a “facial” once in a while.  Let’s go ahead and coin a new phrase for a hand facial…what do you think?  Should we call it a hand-ial?  That’s totally cheesy, I know!  Maybe one of you can help me come up with  a clever term for a hand facial!  lol!

All in all, treat your neck, chest, and hands the same as you do your face and you’ll continue to look your best at every age!



2 thoughts on “A Little Beauty Tip

  1. LOL, yes, that WAS cheesy 🙂 Aren’t there already treatments for hands that are similar to facials?? I thought they were just called hand rituals. Thanks for the tips! We definitely give our faces more attention to care than the rest of our body!

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