Do Your Clothes Age You?

Do Your Clothes Age You?

Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna are both over 40 years old, but you can’t tell by their clothing choices.  Can you say the same for your clothing choices?  Now, I’m not saying that you should dress overly-young, dress appropriately for your age and body type, just don’t let the “age” word discourage you from trying new things or spicing things up a bit.  Here is a little more advice:

Don’t shy away from print!  Prints can actually be your friend!  Choose subtle prints to start with and then you can ease into wearing a trench coat like the one Sarah Jessica has on above.  Or, if you don’t need baby steps, good for you!!  Go for it!

Always keep up with the trends!  Try to incorporate one new trend into your wardrobe each season.  Doing it with accessories is easiest.

Spanx isn’t just for those who are heavier!  Spanx benefits the smallest person, as well as, the largest person.  It smooths out any unfortunate lumps and bumps that we ALL have!!

Show some leg!  Good looking legs don’t go away with age (all the time)!  If you are fortunate enough to have nice gams, show them off!!!  Just don’t go too short. 

Dark denim is your friend!  Actually dark denim is everyone’s friend, so I just wanted to remind you!  The boot cut is the most universally flattering. 

So, are you guilty of allowing age to guilt you out of looking your hottest?



One thought on “Do Your Clothes Age You?

  1. As someone who is over 40 myself, I would like to add… not only is pattern your friend but color as well. As we age we tend to lose color in our faces and we need to add back either w/ makeup or clothing choices. And for god’s sake – step away from the beige, which is no one’s friend!

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