Red Carpet to Real World


Ashlee Simpson in a Mara Hoffman Safari Dress ($184) and Lia Sophia Jewels (necklace = $300).  (photo courtesy of

I love anything animal print so when I saw Ashlee Simpson in this dress I knew I needed to find something similar but less expensive.  While $184 isn’t THAT expensive, it’s still more than I want to spend these days.  The cool red necklace and shoes are perfect, too!  Check out my take on this outfit for less. 

Dress = JCPenney at $45

Shoes = Bebe at $32

Jewelry = Chico’s and costs $97 together

TOTAL COST = $174 (less than just the dress!)

So what do you think?  I think I’m going to have to buy this JCPenney dress!!! 



3 thoughts on “Red Carpet to Real World

  1. I love it when people, like you, find celebrity looks for less, and while I’m not an animal print person, I totally dig the prints on other people! It’s fun to have the style of a celebrity without maxing out credit cards! lol

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