Sushi Rules

Sushi Etiquette for the Sushi Lover


Pick your sushi up with chopsticks or your fingers (fingers are only appropriate for nigiri sushi not sushi rolls)

Lightly dip the sushi into the dip of your choice.  If you are eating nigiri dip the sushi fish first, not rice first into the dip)

Put the entire piece of sushi into your mouth at one time. 

Rest the tips of your chopsticks in the provided ceramic holder or dish when you are not eating. 

Rest the chopsticks across the soy sauce or dip dish, horizontally, to signal you are finished with your meal.


Rub your chopsticks together!

Bite your sushi in half and place the remainder back on the plate.

Mix your wasabi into your soy sauce.  It should be placed on the roll or nigiri itself. 


I must admit that I typically mix my wasabi into the soy sauce.  I just don’t like it on top of my sushi!!!  😦  So, see!  I’m human, too!  LOL!

Mmmm…I think I’ll be having sushi this weekend!



7 thoughts on “Sushi Rules

  1. I think this was a great idea for a blog, but I just can’t force myself to not mix my wasabi in my soy sauce. Why is this bad etiquette? Also, with wooden chopsticks, I find it very necessary to rub my chopsticks together in order to avoid splinters:/ And how on EARTH are you supposed to dip nigiri fish side first?

    1. I know, Stacey! I’m not sure why the Japanese consider it bad etiquette. I think it’s just the whole way it appears inside the dish…not very appetizing to them. And for the nigiri…not sure! The fish most likely will fall into the dish!! LOL! I got my info from an etiquette website.

  2. I lived in San Francisco back in the 70s and ate sushi before it was known widely in the middle part of the country. Absolutely it was expected to mix the soy sauce and wasabi. That is why there was always a special small dish for exactly that purpose. I don’t know why that would have changed or who created the new “rules,” but I will definitely always concoct the perfect proportions of soy sauce and wasabi to suit my taste!

    1. Thanks for this comment, Elisabeth! I think there are several different versions of sushi etiquette, and all etiquette for that matter, but certain things remain true in all situations. Just do what you think is right as long as it wouldn’t offend someone else! I don’t think mixing our wasabi in with our soy sauce would offend anyone, so I’m going to keep doing it myself! 🙂

  3. Hmmm…I’ve always rubbed my WOODEN chopsticks together, just like Stacey pointed out about the splinters. While I don’t use wasabi or soy sauce on my sushi (I like to taste the actual flavors of the sushi rather than a blast of heat or salt!), I don’t see the problem with mixing the two together if done in the little dish provided!
    I’m of Japanese decent and I’ve not heard of some of this stuff! Granted, I’m not up on all of my Japanese culture!

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