A Few Little Tidbits About Denim


A Few Little Tidbits About Denim

I am definitely a denim kind of gal!  It goes with absolutely everything and EVERYONE looks good in a version of it!  I do know that it can be hard to find or figure out which version is the one for you, so I thought I’d give you a few tidbits from my knowledge bank!  LOL!

1.  A dark wash is the most slimming, as well as, the most versatile.

2.  Jeans stretch approximately 1/4″ between each wash and wear, so factor that in when jeans are new, too!

3.  Jeans should skim the floor, never drag.

4.  Skinny jeans should hit at or just below the ankle.

5.  Pricier jeans have a tighter weave, therefore they will last longer.  So go ahead splurge on jeans!!  They are worth it! 

My absolute favorite style and brand of jean is Seven for all Mankind in the “Ginger” style!  LOVE!  What’s your favorite brand and style?



4 thoughts on “A Few Little Tidbits About Denim

  1. Love this!!!! One suggestion if you’re short, like me 🙂 If you find that perfect fit and style buy one in short for everyday shoes, and one for when you want to wear shoes or boots with heels so they don’t drag and get caught under your heels. It’s worth the money, because you get so much more wear out of both.

  2. Fun post!! LOVE Sherry’s tip b/c I do the same thing very often!!! I’m also “shorter” and regular fit drags the ground if I wear flat shoes but fit perfect for wearing chunky boots or heels. Short fit are perfect for flats 🙂

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