Organizing Your Magazine Clippings

Organizing Your Magazine Clippings

Magazines are full, FULL, of great inspiration and information, thus making them incredibly addictive and extremely hard to get rid of.   If they didn’t take up so much room on bookshelves and in cabinets, I would probably hold on to every magazine that has even the tiniest bit of inspiration in it.  But alas, they are just too bulky for that, so I’ve created another system for holding on to the inspiration without the bulk. 

1.  Begin going through your magazines and instead of flagging or turning the page down, tear the page out of the magazine!

2.  After you’ve torn out every piece of inspiration and information you want, begin cutting out the specific pieces of information you need.  There is no need to hold on to the whole page for a small picture or paragraph of information.

3.  Organize each page and piece of information into categories.  For instance, some of my categories are Fashion Inspiration, Panache Blog Inspiration, Save a Life Blog Inspiration, Travel Ideas, Home Ideas, DIY, etc.  Sort away!  

4.  Purchase a binder, or two, some clear plastic page covers, and some dividers.  Begin organizing your binders in the order of your sorted stacks. 

5.  Keep it going!  As you read your magazines now, tear out the pages you want to keep immediately and recycle the rest of the magazine. 

Now when you need a little inspiration or you just want to check out the future plans for your dream home, all you have to do is pull out your binder and enjoy!

I’m off to read a magazine.  🙂




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