From Red Carpet to Real World

The Diane Von Furstenberg “Lytton” Clutch – $325

This clutch has been seen on the red carpet A LOT the last several weeks so I thought I would try to find a similar version for a lot less. 

I found the following two purses on  (Endless is an AWESOME shopping site, by the way!  Pay it a visit!) 

This bag comes in leopard print like the one Fergie is holding above.  It’s similar to hers and only $50.70!! 

The Lytton bag comes in several different patterns and textures like the ones below:

But this clutch from endless is lace and oh so cute! 

I really like this post and hope you did, too.  I think I may make it a special feature every now and then.  I enjoy taking the red carpet to the real world!

What do you think?



7 thoughts on “From Red Carpet to Real World

  1. Nice post! I love Diane Von Furstenberg! The wrap dress is enough to make her an icon, but on top of that, she was part of the Andy Warhol crowd…right up my alley 🙂

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