Your Body on a Margarita

Tonight,  I am sitting at home enjoying a glass of Cabernet and reading a magazine, when all of a sudden I run across an article called “Your Body on a Margarita.”  So I, being an margarita lover as well as a wine lover, decided to read the article and it affected me enough to want to share it with you guys.  

Upon your first sip of a margarita (on an empty stomach) the drink hits your stomach and makes its way via your bloodstream to your liver where it then has to work so hard on that ONE sip that it shuts down its other key duty, PROCESSING CALORIES, to process the margarita out of your system.  (I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not want my liver to stop processing calories!)

During the first 30 minutes of drinking a margarita your liver converts the liquor into a known carcinogen called acetaldehyde and then breaks it down into acetate, which is less harmful.  Because your liver is then overwhelmed the alcohol backs up in your bloodstream and shoots up to your brain where it disrupts nerve cells that control your memory.  Meanwhile, if your margarita contains triple sec, the drink’s sugar content has caused an insulin spike which may lead to sweating and overindulging in salty foods you’d normally stay away from. 

After an hour the alcohol is finally neutralized but not before the liver stored all those calories it could not eliminate! 

OMG!  Does this make you want to stop drinking margaritas??  It does me!  I sure hope this doesn’t apply to red wine, too!  (As I take a sip)



The above information came from Women’s Health Magazine.

5 thoughts on “Your Body on a Margarita

  1. Typical 8-ounce Margarita: 253 calories and 9g of carbs. Oh, wait. When was the last time you had an 8-ounce Margarita? Think of your measuring cups for flour. You know the 1-cup one? The little one that is about 3 inches wide and 2 inches deep? That’s 8 ounces. Most Margaritas are 12-24 ounces. Hello? Almost 1000 calories and full of sugars and salt. Not a habit of health! Stick with your red wine, or, if you really want hard liquor, shots with an ice water chaser or bourbon and water or Scotch and soda.

  2. yikes!! This is NOT good news for Margarita Lovers alike… I am going to share this blog post on Facebook…I know my Etsy Angel Friends will be alarmed! Thanks for sharing…I had no idea. I guess I’ll be limiting my ‘rita intakes now. 😦

  3. EEEK! I have really started limiting my alcohol on the whole. I’m using the MyPlate on, and let me tell you, after a hard workout and careful eating all day, the wine just blows it all up! Saving it for special occasions for now!

  4. did you know Crystal Light is making a line of low-cal “mocktails” this summer,and there is a margarita flavor?! Think it may taste good with some rum…no guilt there 🙂

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