A Style Time-Out

Take a Style Time-out!  It’s Ok!

Celebrities do it, new mom’s do it, MEN do it, heck, even I do it!!  We can’t always be at the height of style every single day, so when you feel like taking a break from style…do it!  It’s ok!  Whether it’s once a week, once a month, once a quarter…whatever!  Do it!  But just because you are taking a style time-out doesn’t actually mean you have to give up style for that entire day!  Take that style time-out day to recreate or refresh your current style. 

— Reorganize your closet.  Day-to-day we pull and grab items out of our closet, so it goes without saying that it may get a little messy from time to time.  Take this time to freshen it up a bit!

— Put outfits together for the week or entire month!  Take a cue from my outfit coordination service by doing your own!  Put outfits together, including accessories and shoes, take pics and organize a style notebook!

— Try a new hairstyle or makeup application.  I love playing with my makeup on my style time-out days!  I try all kinds of new things to find something I like.  For instance, I used to never wear bright lipstick but with a little playing around I found a way to mix and match lipsticks to create the perfect bright for my skin tone! 

— Create an inspiration board.  I suggest creating an inspiration board at least once a month.  Go through websites, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc. to find items that catch your eye.  Then place them in a notebook or on a cork board.

— Read a fashion-inspired book.  Choose an area you’d like to improve or change about yourself and study, study, study!

— Watch a fashion-filled movie!  My faves are Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, The September Issue, and Burlesque.  Am I missing a great fashion-filled movie??  Please let me know!!

— Peruse your favorite fashion mag (uh hmm…Panache Magazine)!  I think this may be my FAVORITE thing to do on my days off!  Magazines have tons and tons of great info and inspiration.  They even inspired me to create my own magazine! 

So…go ahead!  Take that style time-out!  You’ll thank yourself, and me, later!  🙂




2 thoughts on “A Style Time-Out

  1. You take a Style Time Out?? WHEN?? LOL!! Ok, yes…I’ve seen you “casual” at YOUR private pool, in Colorado while skiing, and at the beach 😉

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