The Hanger Trick

The Hanger Trick

Let me preface this post by pointing out that I prefer to use clear plastic or black felted hangers when I organize closets, but for this post I am using the picture above because it illustrates my point much more clearly than the aforementioned hangers.  🙂

The “hanger trick” is a little process I use to help some of my clients decide what to keep and what to toss during the closet organizing process, but I also use it when working with my wardrobe consultation clients.  This trick can not only spur you into tossing items you don’t wear, it can also help you to step outside of the box a bit and start mixing and matching more.  Did you know that a typical woman uses only 20% of the clothing in her closet 80% of the time?  Well, it’s true…at least most of the time!  

To incorporate the hanger trick into your closet, simply turn all of the hangers around backwards and then as you wear an item replace the hanger in the correct and normal position.  After a month or so, notice how many hangers are still backwards and ask yourself if they are truly items you LOVE.  If not, toss!  If so, work them into your wardrobe! 

I can’t wait to hear how the hanger trick works for you!  Please let me know!



8 thoughts on “The Hanger Trick

  1. Erin–this sounds amazing! I’ll use this as I organize our new closet in Rochester! What a great experiment.

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