Do You Have a “Style File”?

In my opinion, EVERY woman needs to have and would LOVE having a Style File!  So, what exactly is a Style File you ask?  A Style File  is a tool that will help you find and/or create your own personal style, help you get dressed in the mornings and for important events, and will take the stress out of shopping. 

I personally like to create my Style File in a hardbound notebook, but have created them for clients in folders, on bulletin boards and on computer spreadsheets.  You get to choose your own favorite medium for your Style File.  Just make sure it’s easily accessible. 

To begin creating your Style File, go through magazines, blogs, websites, newspapers, catalogs…pretty much anywhere that holds inspiration for you.  When you come across something that catches your attention, tear the page out – it can be an entire outfit, accessories, a place you’d like to visit, a home accessory you’d like to have, a movie you’d like to see, etc.  Nothing is off-limits as it speaks to who you are as a person.  After tearing and printing to your little heart’s content, you can place the items in your preferred medium and voila…you have begun creating your Style File!

So…who already has a Style File and who have I inspired? 



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