Organization – Does it scare you?

As a professional organizer, I see or hear from a lot of people who are basically “scared” of the organizing process.  I must admit, getting and staying organized is more of a lifestyle change than anything and it takes commitment and self-discipline.  However, there are a few simple steps to take that will get you started on the organizational path and hopefully inspire you to keep going.  Check them out below:


The key to getting started is to start small….Go through your entire house and throw out (recycle) the following items:

1.  Empty wrappers and packages

2.  Expired coupons

3.  Outdated magazines, flyers, and other mail

4.  Spoiled or expired food items (check the fridge and the pantry)

5.  Expired medication

6.  Rusty or broken tools and utensils

7.  Socks with no mates

8.  Anything else that is broken or in disrepair

You won’t believe how big of a difference doing those 8 little things will make!  Trust me and go now!!  Do it!! 

Oh and be sure to let me know how it goes!! 



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