Love Them or Leave Them – Spring Trends

Love Them or Leave Them – Spring Trends

Have you had a chance yet to check out the spring trends?  I have, of course, and I am undecided on some and some I know I will definitely include in my spring wardrobe and some I will definitely NOT include in my wardrobe.  Check out my opinion below:

  The Wet Hair Look – Designers sent their models down the runway looking, um, undone.  While I think it looks good on the model (at left) I think everyone else should “leave it” unless at the beach or some other super casual place. 

 Bright Eyeshadow – I definitely think bright eyeshadow should be a “love it!”  I welcome almost any cool and fun change in makeup…now if I can only make myself try it!! 

 Cork Heels – Definitely a “love it” in my book.  Cork is a neutral color (when left in its original state like most of the shoes in the picture) so it will go with absolutely everything!! 

 Flat Platform Shoes – This is one trend that I am “undecided” about.  I’m not sure this shoe is practical for most women.  I think it will tend to make our legs appear short and stumpy.  What do you think?

 The Jumpsuit – Although the jumpsuits in this pic look great on the runway, it takes a special body type to truly pull them off.  So, I say the jumpsuit is a “leave it” for most women – including me!

 The Flare Jean – “LOVE it!”  For those of you who follow my daily outfit blog, you already know I’m a fan of the flared jean!! 

 Bright Colors – I like the idea of bright colors, but in small quantities!  For instance, try pairing a bright pair of shoes, like neon pink or blue, with an all black outfit…or better yet, an all white outfit!  “Love it!”

So…what is your opinion?  What will you be “loving” and “leaving” this spring and summer?

3 thoughts on “Love Them or Leave Them – Spring Trends

  1. Great post, and my opinions are pretty much in line with yours! I agree with you on the wet hair look; I think unless you’re at the beach or pool where you’ve actually been getting wet that it just looks sloppy. Love the bright eyeshadow, but I think people have to be careful with it and remember what is appropriate for the occasion. Already a big fan of cork heels, and I actually wore pair today! They’re super cute and tend to be more comfortable than a lot of other shoes! The jumpsuits I have never liked on anyone, regardless of body type. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t like how it looks. Flair jeans are awesome, especially on the right body type! Bright colors are fun, and I think the sunglasses we have at the boutique would be perfect to add that touch of color! 😀

  2. VERY fun post….
    I LOVE: the cork shoes, the flare jeans (I never went away from them :)), and bright colored clothes (also in small quantities).
    LEAVE the jumpsuits, wet hair look, bright eye shadow and platform shoes!!!

  3. I branched out the other day and bought some new mineral eye shadows in a copper color and a shimmery blue/green color for eyeliner…pretty bright! I also scored some awesome new flared jeans at the best garage sale ever (look for my blog post soon!). MY favorite thing about spring is bright sundresses 🙂

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