GIVEAWAY Winner and Answers to Etiquette Questions

First things first…the winner of the GIVEAWAY from last week is – Elisabeth Grant-Gibson!!  YAY, Elisabeth!!  Come by my office to pick out your 3 pairs of sunglasses!! 

Now for the answers to the Dining Etiquette questions I asked last week:

1.  The “at rest” position for your utensils is actually crisscrossed (x-shape) across your plate. 

2.  The “I’m finished” position is parallel with the handles pointing towards the 5 o’clock position and the tips pointing toward the 10 o’clock position.

3.  You must never move your name card from the place your host set it.

4.  The proper way to eat spaghetti is with a fork and spoon.  With the fork in the right hand and the spoon in the left hand.  Gently grab a few strings of spaghetti with the tines of your fork, place the tip of the fork in the spoon and twirl.

5.  The “Standard” seven-course meal is 1. Hors d’oeuvre (Appetizer) 2. Soup 3. Fish 4. Sorbet or other palate cleanser 5. Main Course 6. Salad 7.  Dessert

So…I don’t think anyone got EVERY answer correct but you all did AWESOME!!!  Thank you for playing along!  🙂

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