Proper Care for Your Handbags


How to Properly Care for Your Handbags

I LOVE handbags, and shoes, for that matter, …but I am digressing!  LOL!  Anyway, did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to care for your handbags?  If you follow my rules below, I can guarantee they will last a very long time, some may even out-last you! 

Never crumple your bags!  Crumpling will make them lose their shape, may cause permanent wrinkles and is just overall bad for your bags, no matter if they are genuine leather or faux leather (which I prefer).

Store bags on a shelf.  Skip piling them or placing them on the floor where dirt and debris usually accumulates. 

Stuff them with acid-free tissue paper.  I like to treat handbags as little pieces of art and like my closet is a retail store full of beautiful bags.  To do that I stuff handbags with tissue paper, to help retain its shape, and set them on shelves, counters, etc.

Empty each purse before returning it to its place in your closet.  Always completely empty your purse after each use.  You never know what that old peppermint or lone pen will turn into after being stored for a long time! 

Spray your real leather with a protectant.  The protectant will make your handbag easier to clean and will protect it from rain and other elements.  (Does anyone know of an eco-friendly leather protectant?)

Take care of your purses and they will be around for a mighty long time!  🙂

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