Organize Your Magazine Clippings

How to Organize Your Magazine Clippings

I don’t know about you but I LOVE magazines!!  I get a lot of inspiration from them so I am constantly ripping pages out to save or to remind me to check out certain items.  Not to mention, I am constantly on the search for new magazines, so I had to learn how to organize these little pieces of inspiration before they began to over run me. 

Check out my tips below:

  • Go through your magazines and tear out or photo copy the pages of interest.  Recycle or donate the remainder of the magazine. 
  • Sort the clippings into general categories, such as Fashion, Self-Help, and DIY.
  • Make separate files or notebooks for each category.  I prefer notebooks because they are like little inspiration boards you can carry around with you! 
  • Maintain your system by filing each clipping immediately and making arrangements to complete any action item associated with the clipping. 

Speaking of magazines…I sure hope you’ve checked out Panache Magazine!!  If not, check out the link to your right! 

So…what’s your favorite magazine??

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