Managing Gossip and Rumors

Managing Gossip and Rumors

Unfortunately, gossip and rumors are always going to be a part of our lives and there isn’t too much we can do about it.  However, there is a way to manage the gossip and rumors when they happen to you. 

Have you ever been the brunt of gossip and/or rumors?  I have and I remember the first time it got back to me.  LOL!  It was in high school and someone, who never came forward, started a rumor that I got a nose job!  Can you believe it?!!  Anyway,  it never matters how ridiculous a rumor is, someone is always going to believe it. 

Since that time in high school, there have been plenty more rumors and gossip about me.  Luckily, I’ve learned how to handle them.  Below are my tips:

If you find yourself being a gossiper:

1. Know that you appear jealous when you gossip about someone else.

2.  You look bad to others, especially those who don’t like gossip.

3.  You will appear untrustworthy.  No one will want to tell you anything for fear you will repeat it.

If you are the gossipee:

1.  Always keep personal information to yourself.  The only person you can completely trust is yourself. 

2.  Try to find the source of the gossip. 

3.  Always abide by the rules of etiquette and you will stand out way above the crowd

How to confront the gossiper:

1.  Do it in private.  Don’t feed the gossip fuel by giving others a view. 

2.  Speak with respect, not anger.  It may be hard but you will come out ahead!

3.  Simply give the gossiper the correct info.  He or she will most likely be embarrassed they were caught and that will be enough to put a stop to it. 

So what rumors or gossip has been started about you?

2 thoughts on “Managing Gossip and Rumors

  1. Hey Erin! A nose job, huh? HAHA.
    The biggest gossip about me is that my dramatic weight loss of almost 190 is due to weight loss surgery. 100% untrue! I’ve created health in my life by finding a great, fast, safe, easy program and learning the habits of health. I’ve corrected the info umpteen times by talking about it on tv, blogging, Facebooking, but there are many who continue to assume that I could not have done this without “help.” I have had help–the support of a health coach and plenty of supportive friends and family around me. But no drugs or surgery! I don’t get upset about it because I know I can’t control what people think or say. I just work to be a person of integrity myself and keep putting the true and honest info out there. I try always to take the high road on every matter like this–because it always comes back to bite me if I don’t!

  2. Erin, I love your website and of course a fan of your magazine. I do like this article about Gossiping. First off, You are a beautiful person inside and out. I remember seeing you come to class in college always dressed to the Nine’s.(Must I say, Glamorous!)My daughters are still young but, I am trying to teach them early about how cruel other girls can be. Gossip is definently the root of jealously but, can turn into something so much uglier. Sticks & Stones may break your bones..words WILL hurt you!

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