Organizing Your Books

I LOVE books!!  I have books on animals, books on vegetarianism, books on fashion, books on organizing, self-help books, fictional books, books on etiquette, and much, much more!  So, how many of you also love books and have found that you a running out of room to display them or they are piled on shelves and hard to see?  My guess is that alot of you are having trouble figuring out how to organize your books, so I wanted to give you a few tricks that I use when organizing a book lovers home.  Please enjoy! 

1.   Stack some to make an end table. 

2.   Create a display, of sorts, and incorporate pretty home decor into the display.  Use pictures, vases, figurines, etc. 

3.   Books don’t just have to be set on the shelf vertically!  Lay them horizontally!  Not only does it save space, it also lends a little variation! 

4.  Visit nabuzz.Com for Furniture, Home Decor, Interior Design & Decorating Ideas  Take them to the wall!!  I LOVE this look in a more modern home!  Awesomeness!

So, what do you think?  Which one of these tricks are you going to try?  Am I missing a cool way to display books?  Please let me know!!

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