Lust or Must?

Aurélie Bidermann  

Lust or Must?  Aurelie Bidermann Gold Dipped Cuff Bracelet – $1,890

I am in LOVE, not lust, with this bracelet!!  OMG!!  I want it so bad that I can’t stand it…but did you SEE the price??  Gah!!  There is NO way I can afford that.  So…I set out to find some knock offs that I CAN afford! 

Check out my findings!! 

Original Wire Lace Cuff  Bracelet by dKrumbachArt By dkrumbachArt on etsy.  $24.00 

Free Shipping Starburst Bracelet by inbarshahak on Etsy – $89 each

silver Plated twisted lace Patterned large Cuff by netalivne on Etsy – $46.50 each

 Zara Terez lace cuff – $125.00

So…which one should I get?  I MUST have one of them!!

8 thoughts on “Lust or Must?

  1. This isn’t the usual me….but, I like the $24 one!! It looks like twisted vines dipped in gold to me! The lacey last one is cool, too!!

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