What is YOUR Fashion Personality?

What is Your Fashion Personality? 

As a fashion consultant I find myself asking each client a particular question that they often find hard to answer – “Which celebrity has style that you admire or would like to emulate?”  This question helps me to find each client’s fashion personality, thus helping them to understand their own style. 

Each person usually fits into one of the following categories.  Which fashion personality are you? 

 Classic – Think timeless and chic like Katherine Hepburn.

 Natural – Low-maintenance and carefree

 Modern – Up on trends but not a fashion victim

 Romantic – Ladylike

*Note:  I chose Carrie Underwood as my “romantic” type but she does flit back and forth between romantic and trendy in my opinion.  The romantic personality fits her and I think she should stick to it. 

 Trendy – fashion-forward

 Creative – dresses in accordance with her mood

 Dramatic – over the top, loud

So…which personality are you?  I am the Creative.

2 thoughts on “What is YOUR Fashion Personality?

  1. Let’s see….I’m kinda back and forth between Natural and maybe romantic or trendy?? Also depends on my mood and where I am or what I’m doing.

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