GO Month

In my world, January is known as GO (Get Organized) Month, so I thought it would be fitting for me to give you a few tips on going from this –

To this –

Or from this-

To this –

Tips to get you started:

1.  Take your time.  Break large jobs down into smaller more manageable jobs.

2.  Understand that you will need to get rid of some things.  Go ahead and make space for four different piles – Donate, Toss, Repair, and Keep. 

3.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help no matter if it’s from your family, a friend, or a professional organizer.

4.  Understand that your space will look worse before it looks better!!  Everything must come out of the space that you are organizing before you can organize it correctly. 

Believe it or not…those are the only tips you need to get you started on an organizing project!  Once you start you will definitely have more questions so don’t be afraid to ask me!  I’m here! 

But, you could always stay tuned to this blog, too!  I’ll be sure to post plenty of tips to keep you on track.

2 thoughts on “GO Month

  1. The before and after photos of your closet are totally inspiring, Erin!

    I’m in “shed mode” right now… I have a goal to go through everything: books, clothes, shoes, every kitchen cabinet, my office closet which is filled to overflowing, etc. etc.

    This past week I went through all my baking pans, cake pans, etc. I’ve tossed a few old cookie sheets and cake pans, and also put a few items in a “donation box.” A complete clean-out of my closet is my goal this weekend and because I know it won’t be easy, I’ve asked my sister to come and help.

    Thanks for the inspiration. By the way, what kind of hangers did you get?

    1. Yay, Valerie!! Congrats on getting motivated to “shed”!! It feels awesome!

      I use heavy duty, clear, plastic hangers when I organize a closet. I buy them wholesale. I can have a box drop shipped to you, if you’d like! Just let me know! They are around $35 for 100 shirt hangers and around $40 for 100 pant hangers!

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